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The SGALLOY is a manufacturer for mainly produces RE-Si-Mg Alloy(Nodularizer), Inoculant(Ba-Si Alloy) and others raw materials for casting iron use, it was a subsidiary of Taiwan's KLALLOY wholly-owned, established on 20040331, registered capital US$800K, locate in China's InnerMongolia BaoTouCity JiuYuanDistrict HaYeNaoBaoIndustryPark. The    SGALLOY production know-how and management system was shift from our parent KLALLOY long-term experience in foundry production, the enterprises to adopt the Japanese developed alloy smelting technology, also to get the ISO-9001:2008from Germany TUV certificated standard to management.

The SGALLOY mainly products : RE-Si-Mg Alloy(Nodularizer), Inoculant(Ba-Si Alloy), and etc. ferro alloy for casting iron use. On the premise of regarding there are independent intellectual property rightsing as the backing, our company puts forth effort on incorporating scientific research with development and marketing into an unity, follow closely with the development front where the domestic and international rare earth alloy science and technology, supply the advance products for ferroalloy and metallurgical industries, also with know-how and information, have already with some different scale enterprises for good relationship, we believe according to rich technical force and sharp market awareness, will become your reliable merchant partner.

The company is drawing the domestic and international and advanced production technology constantly, remain throughout and produce with the latest manufacturing process in the world, we will make the China first brand that to casts the material with advanced management idea, consummate manufacturing process, and fine products quality, supply the high-quality products and service of completion to the masses of users wholeheartedly.

The company with the open up position, also with complete after service and technical support, welcomed that hearty all of customers and friends to be kindly with sparing of your presence and patronage.