What Is Pseudo Gout?

Pseudo Gout occurs quite suddenly and includes sudden swelling in the joints. One joint or many joints may be affected and an episode of pseudo gout may last for a day or two or for weeks on end. Most commonly, pseudo gout affects the knees and it usually occurs in older adults.

The reason pseudo gout received its name is due to the fact that it is quite common to gout. Pseudo gout is comparable to regular gout in the symptoms of sudden and severe pain throughout the knees or other joints. Crystals in the joint lining trigger the episodes. The difference is that gout typically affects individuals big toe joints whereas pseudo gout affects larger joints, like the knees. Also, the crystals in the joint linings that trigger pseudo gout are different than the crystals that cause gout. So, while both conditions are quite similar, they are still markedly different.

Doctors do not know why some crystals form in the joint lining that results in pseudo gout. There is no way to eliminate the crystals from the joint lining, but they can be treated so that the inflammation and pain are relieved. While most people with pseudo gout have their knees affected other joints can be affected including the shoulders, wrists, hands, ankles, and elbows.

Symptoms of pseudo gout include warm joints, swelling, severe pain, and frequent attacks. Some people with the crystals in their joints will experience pseudo gout while others will not. It is unsure why this happens, but it does.

Pseudo gout frequently refers to calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease. Pseudo gout is just one problem that exists within a much larger disease. Those with calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease may also experience a calcification of their joint cartilage, which is known as chondrocalcinosis in addition to joint degeneration. Those with pseudo gout won’t necessarily experience all of these problems, but it is a possibility that sufferers should be aware of.

Individuals at an increases risk of developing pseudo gout include those who are older, have too much iron in their bodies, genetic disorders, and those with joint trauma. If any of the symptoms listed here match symptoms you are experiencing you should make an appointment with your healthcare provider to investigate the problems you are having. Pseudo gout can be treated and the pain and inflammation won’t be as difficult to deal with. Talk with your doctor today to ensure you get relief from the pain.

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16 Responses to “What is pseudo gout?”


  2. Anonymous Says:

    My 76 yo father has pseudo gout, took the doctors 2 weeks to come up with this diagnosis. The problem is ; he is making poor progress improving. He has several other health issues including cardiac problems. He’s lost weight, looks terrible. The doctors say there isn’t much they can do about it. I’m worried that if this keeps up; he won’t last long. And to top it off, he’s allergic to any aspirin products. It’s tearing me up to see him in pain like this. Any suggestions would be appreciated

  3. JimA Says:

    I am having a pseudo gout attack in my right knee now, It definitely mimicks gout, but mine is most painful when my leg is extended while trying to sleep. At night it is hell, and I am thinking of sleeping sitting up. Im not sure why people say to use Naproxin Sodium or Ibuprofen, because it doesn’t do squat as far as the pain is concerned. I am taking celebrex and it doesn’t do crap either. A serious prescription pain releiver is needed for this, but most doctors, that have probably never had gout think these measly otc’s will work. THEY DO NOT WORK, and you cant get any sleep with this demon chewing on your knee.

    I was not able to use ice either, as it made my knee ache in agony. I will go and listen to a rhumatologist tell me to take an aspirin but I have found them to be nuts, and unaware of how much pain gout and pseudo-gout causes. The wierd part of mine is that I can walk on it ok, its when I lie down that it aches.

    Is this normal?


  4. Mary girl Says:

    My right knee has swelled up about 5 times in the passed 7 years, Doctors have told me is some form of gout , I believe pheodogout, the 1st time I was able to fast and it went away, now it seems to linger for a month or 2, I have tried taking a steriod and it did not do anything but make me have a moon face.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Why do all these Natural articles on pseudogout talk about the symptoms and causes, but do not give any information on natural remedies. Does anyone know of an herbal medicine my husband can take for his pseudogout? They also fail to mention that many times pseudogout is caused by thyroid or parathyroid problems. If you have pseudogout and get thyroid supplementation, it may cure the pseudogout.

  6. beverly rippey Says:

    look into nightshade vegetable arthritis going off nightshades has gotten rid of sudden attacks and pain symptoms. i still have some swelling and stiffness in my knees, but the pain is infrequent and slight. i used to use black cherry juice for sudden attacks with relief in less than thirty minutes. after taking a test on internet , i realized i was probably dealing with pseudogout. i am guessing my doctor is unfamiliar with it. i am grateful for all the information i am finding about pseudogout. pseudogout information is new to me. i hope my info will be helpful to someone who is also looking. in the past i had experienced pain in my feet , knees, ankles, hips., hands and lower arm muscles. another thing that happened after going off the nightshades-my heart used to have a fluttering sensation for two to six beats at a time. i believe it was from a valve that was not closing properly. i have been off nightshades since a week before christmas 2011. before i was afraid to step off a curb-my knees were so stiff. it is march 4, 2012 and i can squat all the way down now. i have been having trouble since i was about fifty. i am now almost sixty-three,so it’s been along time. thanks to everyone for their input and i hope mine is a help to someone.

  7. Courtney Says:

    I am 30 years old, and just went to the doctor a few days ago and they said I have psuedo gout. The main reason he said psuedo gout opposed to gout is for the simple fact that I dont eat meat and stopped drinking 2 years ago! A year ago today I had back surgery to remove a herniated to disk in my lower back and probably about to have another back surgery. My activities are within a small range of things that I can do without causing increased pain to myself, therefore I have gained close to 30 pounds. The doctor put me on prednisone to help but Im trying to find a natural remedy to hopefully help without causing added weight gain. Does anyone know where I can find some natural remedies for this? All I have been able to find are explanations as to what psuedo gout is and symptoms….. Thank you

  8. Barbara Says:

    Beverly could we talk more? You said nightshades? I truly don’t know what that is! I’m 60 n they just diagnosed me with pseudo gout in my right knee n wrist , shoot I am very athletic n lately it’s so painful, don’t like swelling like a balloon but Help!!!

  9. Martha Moran Says:

    I have had both types of gout off and on for two years. I suggest a combination of natural healing and modern medicine. On the natural side acupuncture really helps. Also renal food by Second Process, helps to eliminate the excess fluids. Stay away from dairy products and drink distilled water to eliminate a build up of minerals. Exercise. On the modern medicine side: Prednisone and Cortizone injections to eliminate fluid between the joints. Colcrys capsules, Indomethacin and Allopurinol. Rest.

  10. Diana Says:

    I am desperate for any advice on how to allieviate pseudogout. I had an arthroscopy and surgeon says I have psedogout and there is no cure. Nothing? Am on naproxen,paracetemol, cherry juice, tramadol and still it is agony. Do these attacks last for ever? I have had mine for four months including three cortisone injections. Grateful for any one anywhere telling me what helped them.

  11. dani Says:

    I was diagnosed with pseudo gout a couple weeks ago after complaining of joint pain to my doctor. My knees, shoulders, elbows and hips are affected. I also was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year and I am on thyroid hormone replacement. For 10 years I had symptoms of hypothyroidism with normal TSH and was having joint and muscle pain all those years. I now believe that pseudo gout is related to thyroid disease. I wish I could find relief other than conventional medicine. Maybe someone here can help cause ibuprofen does’nt work for me.

  12. cody Says:

    I’m a 27 year old disabled vet with pre-existing foot hip and lower back arthritis all from a broken foot and since messed up gait. Since the surgeries I’ve been getting flare ups and the va docs always go straight to gout because of my borderline high uric acid levels. The problem is that its only affected my big toe joint severely one time and the rest have been mostly knees and ankles. This is more painful (to me) than anything I’ve experienced when I get a flare up and I’ve been getting them for a few years now. Ice helps but when it hurts too much to drag a sheet over it forget laying an ice pack on it. Rest helps but then you have to get up sometime and it’ll hurt like hell then you can be sure. Cherry juice and Epsom salt seems to quickly take the edge off, but it doesn’t stop the flare up. Allopurinol every day may prevent more flare ups than you’d normally have but it doesn’t help when you have a flare up. I’ve yet to build up the courage to let some quack stick a needle in it cause they only wannabe do it when it’s at its worst and when it’s like that its already feels like there are needles sticking into my joints evertime my heart beats. They’ve done xrays during flare ups and in between but never can see the crystals like in older peoples joints. Any natural remedies that work while its at its worst would be greatly appreciated. I know I’m young and that its only gonna get worse but its already unbearable at the peak of the flare up and any advice on the knee tap would be greatly appreciated. Does it hurt even worse or do they numb it or what. I’m not scared by much but when I have a flare up andything bumping touching or poking my knee scares the hell outtake me.

  13. David M Says:

    I have suffer with pseudo gout for several year and have recently had a parathyroidectomy. Now I am 3 weeks into an attack, so the op. is not a cure all.

    My rules for an attack are:

    No alcohol
    3lts of water per day
    Elevate as much as possible during the day and night.
    Ibruprofen, co-codamol, and laxative.
    Do not rub or massage.
    No hot compresses, cold does relieve the pain temporarily.
    Rest, rest and more rest.

    Have tried a warm drink of honey and cider vinegar, not too sure of the benefits.

    I my humble opinion though the only cure is rest and time it take its own course.

    Hope this helps



  14. pseudohelp Says:

    Magnesium Chloride aka: Magnesium oil made my extremely painful pseudogout much much better within 2 days. I figure that I was hypomagnesemic (low in magnesium). try it! You can just rub the oil on the area. I also take 400mgs of a bioavailable form of magnesium daily. Hope this helps.

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